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21 Days to Body Mindfulness - 50% Off!


For years, I struggled with my own self-beliefs about my body.  I found that much of my actions around food, smoking, drinking, shopping, etc. were really coming from a place of self-sabotaging and punishment.  

To get back in control, I started a daily practice for myself to flip the script on that disconnect.

In this 21 day training, I'm walking you through exactly how I finally became mindful of my own body and habits - leading to better health, and a happier life - for just $15!

(This is your only chance to order this program at the discounted rate of $15, so don't miss your opportunity!)

Here's what you receive by ordering 21 Days to Body Mindfulness...

  • Discover new ways of seeing, honoring, and understanding yourself.
  • Learn to quiet the chatter and hear your own voice so that you can make the right, healthy decisions.
  • Reconnect to yourself with love and compassion.
  • Be honest with yourself and discover new possibilities.
  • Allow for five minutes a day, over the next 21 days, to be more body mindful.