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ACTIVATION! Transformation

Wonder Twins power Activate!

Gotta love those Super Hero Friends the twins who touched each other and speaking the phrase "Wonder Twin powers activate!" Once they made physical contact they claimed their intention. "Shape of...", "Form of..."  Jayna has the ability to turn into any animal while Zan can physically become any form of water.

As a child I would play with this “power” all the time by “transforming” my current situation and circumstances to whatever my heart desired. 

When I was 10 years old I discovered a catalog that sold this amazing stationary, cards, and such.  I loved it all.  But, as a 10 year old my funds where limited (a few bucks for mowing grass).  Then I discovered that if you purchased a certain amount of items you would receive a discount and could earn FREE merchandise.  So my young mind had the motivation to "sell to others' - and that's just what I did.  I lived in the country and houses where spaced far apart.  That didn't stop me.  I jumped on my bicycle and road from house-to-house asking the women if they'd like to purchase some stationary.  And as my mind had imagined - they said YES! And in that moment my first entrepreneurship business began. Just as I imagined too, I earned a bunch of FREE products myself. 

Fast forward to today and I have figured out how to activate transformations into my life daily!  And now I am using this magical process supporting others on their journey.

From going back to school at the age of 30, to buying and selling golf courses, and being the creator and founder at Find Your Own DRIVE -mentoring others through mindset and motivation. 

And now YOU can have your own Activation! Transformation session with me.

What would you say if you knew that you could take your intentions, mix them with the fear and excitement you feel when starting a new adventure, energetically ignite the magic, and transform yourself into that confident and bold person you know you can be? Would you say YES?

Together we unpack your deepest intention and open up to all that may have you playing small and/or creating the same story over and over.

·          dive deep and unlock the layers and ignite the magic.

·         discover the baseline intention you desire to activate now so all other intentions can grow from this foundation.

·         receive the perfect mantra that releases the old patterns and creates new beliefs moving forward.

·          infuse the message as touchstone to come back to anytime fear or doubt appears

This 60 minutes will do just that and is supported and witnessed in a safe place with me. I’ve been on the training ground my friend and know this process will forever change your life.

My process and delivery has recently been proven as I activated over 40 individuals in 30 days!

Here's what a few of them had to say:

Bea ~ Melissa Kirkpatrick, you are a star! Thank you sooo sooo much for this wonderful experience of today's activation. It was just incredible!  I'm still totally overwhelmed. Go for it ladies, this woman is BRILLIANT!

Alla ~ OMG. Ladies... Melissa Kirkpatrick is the queen of Activations. We did an initiation and the process was so immensely powerful! She is a brilliant coach, being so detailed and deep with her laser questions, paying immense attention to every word and every blink of my eyes and my yawns. I felt soooo held and taken care of and seen. I had some thoughts about what I wanted from this experience, and she took it to a whole new depth. We dug deep into my most intense block about receiving money and receiving the care that I so deserve as a queen. She guided me masterfully through my resistance and talked with my ego and made it calm down and allow me to feel free, powerful and worthy. Such a magical experience.

Shaina ~I had an activation with Melissa Kirkpatrick!! It was fan-freaking-tastic!! It was like a coaching session, helping me get clarity on what I did and didn't want in my biz. Also, she helped me realize how much mindset work I've done in the past year, what fears I've been able to shed and let go of! It was beautiful! Full of love, and attention! Just wonderful!

What if you could go from:

  • Not feeling like enough: confidence, money, self-love TO being an open channel & divinely connected to source energy.
  • Missed opportunities and being inconsistent TO I am love and create everything I desire.
  • Unhealthy boundaries and addictions with food, alcohol, feast/famine TO it is safe for me to be strong & powerful to show up as myself.

Are you READY!?! Let’s do this.  For an exchange of $55 we will schedule your private 60 minute activation to ignite the magic within YOU and infuse it at the cellular level.

What are you waiting for? Submit the form below and I'll contact you with schedule.  Click Here for payment links.  

Looking forward to seeing you on the other side of transformation you beautiful soul..