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Hello! and welcome to this page. I’m Melissa, and I see something I’ve shared has resonated with you and are here on this page ready to have that conversation with me! WooHoo this is super existing.


I am personally inviting you to have a free discovery call with me.

What’s a discovery call you may ask?

You will have my undivided attention to share your biggest challenge that is holding you back. It may have to do with person, family, career, or just in general. I will get on the phone with you, listen to your story, and provide tools to reflect back and adjust your mindset, with some motivation, and ignite you towards a powerful transformation in your current situation or circumstances.

 I am ready to connect with you for 45 minutes to really get you moving towards your goals and dreams.

I have already been on the training ground and have  proven steps that will allow you to find your DRIVE and step back fully into your life, creating and accomplishing more than you ever imagined.

Discover what’s your next best move in life or business to really start creating what you desire. Nothing is off limits — if you desire more money, want to lose weight, plan a vacation, have better relationships, find the career that lights you up — or something else, we can work through the details and crate a strategy designed specifically to meet your needs,

Sound Good?? — What are you waiting for! This call is free, confidential, and no obligations.  I want you to discover the power of being supported.  You are so worth it my friend. 

Be ready to pull back the curtain and see what it is that keeps you stalled in living your best life NOW! Together we can dive into your thoughts and concerns and find the solution on how you can go from stuck to unstoppable — in business and/or life. How you do one thing is how you do all things!