21 Days to Body Mindfulness

I know firsthand change can be challenging.  

Wanting things to be different then your current circumstances, reflecting back on the same ole repeated patterns, and you wonder when will it stop.  

You feel overwhelmed and discourage knowing you want things to change, you have a desire to be better in all aspects of your life whether it be family, job, relationships, self love, weight, health, .......and the list goes on. 

You feel a lack of desire, unexpected circumstances always arise, or simply you just don't care.

That was me too! Then I found a way to stay connected with my desires and intentions through a mindfulness approach.

I am sharing here with you the outcome of my practice so you too can drop the head talk and guilty by being present in the moment of now.

This 21 Day Body Mindfulness email program offers support for you to commit to the next 21 days of being mindful and tapping into self love.

You will receive a daily email message to remind you to focus on the now.  And, when the 21 days are complete, you can repeat as often as needed.

As the saying goes, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Ready to Play? Let's go....

As your guide, the intention will be assisting you in unraveling all those underlying beliefs that keep you stuck and frustrated in your life. Some you already are aware of, while others may be buried deep inside. This can be anything from over eating, drinking, shopping, to bad relationships, career, and/or lost dreams.

Know that over the next 21 days you will be opening yourself up; much like a flower does – over time, and getting to know yourself better than you have every known yourself before, from the comfort of your inbox.

Your commitment to showing up each day, reading the email, and completing the activity provided, is all you'll need to tap into your own Body Mindfulness!

Why Me? You are Deserving of Self Care!


Hi I'm Melissa

For years I have struggled with my own limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging thoughts about me and my body.

I found that much of my actions around food, smoking, drinking, shopping, etc. where really from a place of self-loathing or a form of punishment.  

You know that feeling when you're not in control you become out of control, or in those times of unintentionally losing control?

What I've learned and spent time digging deep, is the discovery that there is a true disconnect with our body and mind that ignites these emotions and behaviors.

I decided to look for answers and discovered the mind-body-spirit connection.

I began a daily practice for myself to see if I could better understand this disconnect.  

Surprisingly, it was my mind not allowing for me to be present in my body. A disconnect that came from old beliefs and information I was holding onto that others had “programmed” me to believe. 

You know that chatter that comes out of no where and gives you all the reasons why you should or should not be doing something,

and it causes you to "should" all over the place!

I believe if we can stop the chatter, and just listen, the old patterns (or habits) can soon be reduce if not eliminated.

I am happy to share with you my daily practice of feeling into your body and what makes it tick!  Taking back control of your own thinking really can change your life.

Are you READY to start reconnecting with your body more mindfully?

Here's what the daily email for the next 21 days offers

  • Get the support you need from within

  • Discover new ways of seeing, honoring, and understanding yourself

  • Learn to quite the chatter and hear your own voice

  • Reconnect to yourself with love and compassion

  • Be honest with who you are and discover new possibility

  • Give yourself permission over the next 21 days to be more body mindful

  • Practice conscious language learning how your words and thoughts will can change your life

"Finding Melissa has shifted so much in my current life circumstances. I’m so grateful to be a part of her presence and having the amazing support that she offers. My future is bright and joyful." ~Irene

"I was skeptical about reaching out to Melissa but something kept saying call her. So I signed up for the free discovery session and from the moment we connected on the phone I could feel such a life in my spirit that I didn’t expect. I knew that our work together was going to be something pretty special. And I would say it goes way beyond my expectations." ~Kim

"I’ve heard about life coaching and when I saw Melissa offering her gift to be a mentor and coach I wanted to learn more. I didn’t realize that within the first 20 minutes of our call I would feel, see, and believe a change in me. Why hadn’t I found support like this years ago? Because I wouldn’t have been ready, but now I am and have a mentor that is truly gifted in her offering to support others." ~Teresa

"My derailed life was becoming a downward spiral and wasn’t feeling any love for myself and it was evident in my actions, surroundings, and appearance. After finding Melissa I was able to move through some blocks that I had no idea where causing all the outer “stuff” to show up. I was done with the drama of my “mind” and ready to step out and be me without all the stories I’d carried for so long." ~Anna