What's Your Order?


Tell the “story” as if it already is! 

Whatever it is that you’re calling in for your life —what does it look like once you have received it. 

A lot of lottery winners lose their money quickly because they don’t have a plan for spending it. 

Make a Plan today on what things will look like and how you will look, be, and feel once it arrives. 

There’s truly magic in all of this I promise you. So just take today and start creating that future with pen and paper and let the universe do the rest. 

Imagine the Universe is a cosmic kitchen and you are placing your order. Give the details and know it is on its way to you for you. And remember to be in a high vibration when you create this order by being excited and energized — Childlike when they know Christmas is coming. 

You’ve got this. You make it happen. Start with the vision. And celebrate everything you call in with happiness and joy. Cheers my friend. Have an amazing day 💫🥂

Setting a Goal


Setting a goal. “People would go succeed because they know where they are going” —Earl Nightingale.

Take a look at your goals and identify three or four of them that you would like to accomplish in any area of your life and give yourself a time frame.

Work every day to make sure that you’re doing at least one or two, maybe even three, action steps daily towards achieving those goals.

Remember to stop and catch yourself thinking. Are you having positive thoughts or negative thoughts?

Your thoughts are creating your future! The more clarity you can provide around obtaining the goal the more your subconscious mind will start to believe and things will begin falling into place.

Let the magic begin. This is also known as manifesting. Contact me if you’d like help with setting a goal, staying focused on it, and manifesting success in your life.

Changes - Inside and Around


#WellnessWednesday Today I want to remind you that when things change inside of you, things change around you. 

During my journey back in 2014, I took my understanding of my health and wellness to the next level. First releasing my addiction to alcohol, followed dropping sugar, white flour and dairy from my diet, to learning to love on myself more. 

No judgement, self loathing, or negative self talk —that didn’t serve me so I was done! 

I started from a place of mindset in that I would make myself healthier for longevity and vitality. To live in a body vessel that would carry me into my hundreds if possible 💫

And I was able to accomplish that goal, for a period of time, I felt alive in my body. And what was going into my body and mind was goodness with nutrition, thoughts, and love. And everything around me was all that as well. 

Overtime, like many of us do, I slipped back into my old patterns with food, but proudly to say some of my other addictions to alcohol, smoking, overspending, is no longer a struggle for me. 👏🏻

What I know for sure is it all begins with the thoughts. Our mind is a powerful tool. What I’m thinking about, and what I’m saying about myself is all deeply imbedded with in my system. And the outer evidence of clutter, lack of focus and energy, and eating those foods that no longer support me is the confirmation things need to change.  

So it’s time to step back into my inner compass and find ways that I can start creating better wellness. 

My intuition knows and tells me — back to the basics and start with mindset. 

Thoughts become things as Mike Dooley always says so choose the good ones.

And so today I WILL! 

In what ways do you find yourself struggling? If you need help navigating these changes, please contact me.

70,000 Chances

I heard the other day that we have 60-70,000 thoughts a day. And of those thoughts 90% of them are the same thoughts we had the day before. And those thoughts are about things of the past or things in the future. 

So what would happen if you brought your thoughts into the present? Allowing the thoughts that trouble you to be released, and get really present in this moment? You have 70,000 chances a day to do just that.

Perhaps one way to get there is to journal all of your thoughts onto a piece of paper. Allowing everything that comes up to be placed on that paper. Once complete feel how your body and mind are free of tension and stress. 

Following you can choose to keep the paper and that’s fine but if you feel the urge to burn it or throw it away then do that. 

In the work that I do I have found that utilizing the time to really do what I call a brain dump (either on paper or during our sessions) to release those thoughts that keep you stuck in the past/future and you are missing out on the present moment. Journaling is so beneficial. 

If you like additional help let me know. 

Happy Friday! 🖊 📔 

High Performance Habits

Ever heard the phrase "The cobbler’s children have no shoes”? It's a rough translation of a Spanish proverb, and the idea is that someone with a specific skill is often too busy assisting others that their own affairs, especially related to their trade, go unattended.

Well, this Cobbler's kids are BAREFOOT.

Today, I came to the realization that - while I've been telling clients to journal and talking about the importance of journaling here on my blog and social - my own journaling practice has taken a back seat for some time now. I know it’s such a powerful tool to keep me focused and aligned with my higher self where I can receive the messages that will offer me guidance, support, and love.

Clearly, this isn’t something I’m proud of, but I want to openly and honestly share this with you because we all need a little reminder of what we need to be doing and new motivation to do it. I recently ordered Brendon Burchard's book "High Performance Habits," and it's REALLY been helpful in re-energizing me to consistently journal again.

I’m attaching a picture below with a few journal prompts from the book that might help you as well. Enjoy!

And, as always, please feel free to contact me if you want to work with me as a one-on-one accountability coach, speaker, or workshop leader. One of the things I journal about - and call in more of, any chance I can get - is to have as many of these opportunities as possible. I would be honored to add you to the fold of my many happy, motivated, inspired, unstuck and unstoppable clients.



From this mornings reading — hope it resonates with you as it does for me. 👇🏻

“Please, my friends, believe in your heart and your voice and your mission no matter what, no matter how small it all feels now. 

The journey to legend begins the moment our bias for ease and comfort is overpowered by our drive for challenge and contribution.

Don't forget that growth and greatness often come from those seemingly endless, fruitless days and nights of faith and discipline. 

Keep working, keep at it, believe.”

- Brendon Burchard

Do you Struggle to Have all that you Desire?

Do you struggle to have all that you desire?
I know a way to flip a switch within you that will help you to be, do and have all that your heart desires. It is a technique I call Activation for Transformation. It is a 60-minute face to face call via Zoom where we will:

>> rekindle your relationship with yourself.
>> help you gain more clarity and understanding about the power of your thoughts.
>> open up all areas that you have felt blocked and uncertain about.

You will leave our call with a renewed excitement about your direction and clarity on how to get there.

Schedule your 60-minute session right HERE: www.findyourowndrive.com/activation

How's 2019 Going for You?

Are You Ready? 
We are 3 months into the year. Are you crushing your goals, designing your life, and creating magic?  
If that’s a hard “not so much” then let me recommend you do an ACTIVATION —shift out of the less and enter the time of MORE...more joy, love, happiness! Crushing goals, living life abundantly, and igniting the magic of the Universe.  
Here’s the link 👉🏻 http://www.findyourowndrive.com/activation

Routine Measures


I’ve set the intention to get back to doing the things I know to do to keep me balanced, focused, energized, excited and productive. It all beings with a solid ROUTINE— much like a foundation for any structure — that allows for one to begin creating a life by designing. 

Yes, of course I have the daily routines of combing my hair, brushing my teeth, showering, etc. But there’s more to routines then just what we do on a daily basis for hygene. It’s things that we bring into our lives that allows us to grow and expand.

Today I begin with adding reading back into my daily routine. Whether it’s a story, poem, or quotes I am inspired do taking 5 minutes at the start of my day I’m opening the books for that daily spark of inspiration that my head and heart desire. and this paragraph jumped off the page ✨💓✨

What’s part of your routine?

It's Happening


Living life by design. It’s what I tell my clients every day to do. It’s what I coach my social media followers to do when I check in several times a week. But a few months ago, I realized I wasn’t truly living the life I desired for myself. There were some things I was holding on to because I was scared to let go. There were things I wanted to do, but I was scared to take the leap of faith.

How could I genuinely, whole-heartedly encourage my clients to live life by design if I wasn’t? So, I decided to take my own advice. I went through my five steps of D.R.I.V.E. (you’ll have to download my free eBook to learn what those are!). I got clear on what I wanted and starting taking steps necessary to make it happen. I made huge shifts in my personal and professional life to better align with the big hopes and dreams I have for myself. Less of what I don’t enjoy, more of what brings me joy.

And now… it’s happening. The things I journaled about, visualized to the greatest detail that I could muster, and spoke about to as many people who would listen… it’s all happening. For me. Right now.

Just as an example, one of the things I wanted to do more of was to do more public speaking. I visualized myself helping and inspiring groups, teams, and organizations. I told people I was interested in doing this. I journaled about it. And then, the calls started flowing in. Some opportunities were even bigger than I had hoped for!

Yesterday was one of them — I was asked to be a featured speaker at the Ohio Success Awards in Columbus at the Ohio Statehouse. Business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, movers and shakers from across the state came to the event and filled a room that I spent an hour motivating and educating about my five steps of D.R.I.V.E.

It was the very thing I wanted and envisioned for myself.

Now, I share this to show you it’s possible. The magic is real. The visualizing, the journaling, the speaking it as if it’s real already… it’s real and it works. I know because it’s happening for me right now and I want this for you too.

Contact me if you need help getting clear on your vision or an accountability partner along the way.

Who Do You Admire?


This week, I talked a lot about being intentional as you release — not just suppress — what no longer serves you and the person you desire to be. My #MondayMotivation post was about the being more intentional part, my #TuneUpThursday post was about releasing vs suppressing, and then my #FridayJournal post was about believing you’re capable of doing the very things you admire others for doing.
So, I encourage you to pull out your journal and pen and write (or just a note in your phone). Spend a few minutes thinking about who you desire to be! What are the specific qualities you admire in others?


You admire others who are pushing themselves to be better. This is the first step to becoming one of them.
Thoughts becomes things 💫 choose the good ones 💜🧡💜

As always, if you ever need help navigating your journey, please feel free to contact me.

Here We Grow!


📸February 2015 (left) — this is me at my photoshoot (hair and makeup artist behind me) for Find You Own DRIVE, the business I started to mentor and support others both on and off the golf course ⛳️

The desire to Coach was from a place of me learning from my own life experiences, including the good, bad, and sometimes ugly experiences which I learned to embrace and/or overcome. Having worked with a coach myself I saw the value and wanted to help others through their journey being supported with a coach. Everyone needs a coach — athletes have proven that! 

Little did I know at that time (or maybe I did since I like living big) the business in transformational coaching and public speaking would expand exponentially in just four years. 

The me who believed in herself and took the leap and found her DRIVE is now supporting others from stuck to unstoppable in their life and/or business.

📸October 2018 (photo right), has brought many new avenues to share and shine my gifts and offers to a much larger audience which includes my upcoming events in March at Columbus Women in Business Expo in Pickerington and at the State House for the Cincy Magazines Ohio Business Success Awards where I will be presenting to the attendees at both events. 

Why am I sharing this?

I share this because the little country girl who started selling stationery at the age of 10, going up and down the road to the farm wives, asking them to buy stationery, which then allowed me to get mine for free, set all of this in motion.

Not only am I an entrepreneur at heart but also a teacher. When I turned 30 and went back to school to earn my teaching degree and also earned my masters in technology education, it ignited the light within me to play a bigger game in life. 

And in my 40s owning and operating two golf courses with my family just added to my experiences.

And look at me now, I am independently growing and supporting others in their businesses as well as speaking and motivating teams and individuals —not only to find their own drive from stuck to unstoppable but also how to live their life by design.

If you or someone you know is looking to expand beyond their current circumstances or situation we need to talk! A conversation with me will be a game changer for you — guaranteed!

Your Path


Living life intentionally. What does that really mean? It means getting specific about goals and staying focused to make them a reality. Figuring out what your goals are isn’t always easy, but staying focused is the really tough part. It’s so easy to float through life, slip into auto-pilot, take the path of least resistance. But that path is paved. No flowers grow there.

That’s why I suggest journaling, and also having a list of daily reminders — or affirmations — like this that you spend time with EVERY DAY. This process allows you be reflective about where you’ve been and where you are presently, as well as reminded where you want to go and what you want to manifest as you navigate your own, beautiful, flower-filled path.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you need a helping hand along the way. My activation helps you get crystal clear on your goals. My 1:1 sessions give you an accountability partner and someone to keep you focused on your goals, the life you want to live, and the person you want to be. No more floating, no more auto-pilot. Your path is waiting to be discovered.



One of the things I’ve been journaling about and calling in more of is the opportunity to speak to groups. The more the merrier. I love the energy, the feedback and the impact the engagements make on both the organization and individual levels. And as I help my own clients be clear about what their desires are, hone in on those goals, and watch to see the universe provide in abundance… I see the power of that practice here with myself and all the new speaking engagements starting to pour in for 2019. It’s very, very exciting. A few I’d like to share with you:

1) I’m one of two breakout session speakers that Ohio Business Magazine selected for its upcoming Ohio Success Awards at the Ohio Statehouse on March 15. Click here to learn more about it! I’d love it if you could come, enjoy my breakout session and celebrate some of Ohio’s most successful, emerging businesses and organizations!

2) I was also selected to be the featured speaker throughout the day at the Women in Business Expo on March 9 in Columbus. It’s going to be a big day where I’ll be doing three sessions throughout the day, but I’m very excited about the opportunity, engaging with the Central Ohio audience and helping other women in business go from STUCK to UNSTOPPABLE! Click here to learn more about that event.

3) I was also asked to be involved with and grow the H7 networking group on the East Side of Cincinnati. Click here to learn more about that group’s next event.

These are just a few among many new opportunities that I’m grateful to have open up for me in the past couple of months, in addition to my 1:1 coaching sessions, motivational speaking, and interactive workshops I do for corporations. Click here to learn more or contact me!

What Are You Saving?

What are you saving for a special occasion? Clothes, dishes, shoes, purse, jewelry, bottle of champagne/wine?? Ask yourself WHY? Journal about it. You may be surprised at what comes up — perhaps you’re thinking I don’t want to....ruin it, lose it, might need it later, ashamed I paid so much, what will people say, on-and-on! Now consider these reasons and journal what you discover and how it may be a match to what keeps you stuck in your current situations and circumstances 💫 And most importantly remember “being alive is the special occasion” so don’t wait use everything you’ve been saving—now!

Questions? Need an activation in your life? Click here to contact me.


Attitude Adjustment

#JournalFriday Welcome February 1, 2019! 

As I mentioned in yesterday‘s post, the month of January went really quickly for some folks and for others it seemed to have dragged on. Not knowing what the circumstances were for those who felt it drug on, I felt my month of January what extremely fast.

It’s in the times that we judge our situations and circumstances based on what we think we should have and not recognizing what we do have.

What I mean by this is just like the quote says below you can’t always have a good day but you can always face a bad day with a good attitude. The same message applies for any day, a month, a year and 10 years —or a lifetime. I think this quote really applies to everything. It’s all in the ATTITUDE. 

So today take out a piece of paper or open up your journal and just write down everything that you received in the month of January. This may be the electricity in your home that kept it warm, it could be a loved one celebrated a birthday, it could be a gift that came unexpected, you may have won on a lottery ticket, you followed through with your to do list, you stuck with that exercise program, you laughed out loud often, you enjoyed spending time with friends— whatever comes up just reflect on it.

Go back through your calendar and see what appointments you had and places you have gone. You might be surprised that whether the month went fast or was long you created magic in your life by being here. Don’t forget that. You’re a bright soul. Keep shining and keep playing the game of life. 💖

Before starting your plans moving into February finish January with a heartfelt —Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Then begin to write what you desire to have more of in February and what you are willing to release. And take ACTION for making it happen. 

♥️ #february #love


Who Are You?

#FridayJounaling as you continue to watch and learn here on my page I hope that you feel that the statement of I am slowly becoming the person I should’ve been along time ago is appearing. That you know deep in your heart that the life that you desire to live it’s just a thought away. Give yourself permission to live A life by design and start to incorporate all that I’ve been sharing with you.

If you need to go deeper into your current life situation and circumstances I would love to support you. It’s just a message away and from that one decision your whole life will begin to change!

Go to your journal and continue to write what you see yourself as not now but who you’re becoming. And just like the caterpillar 🐛evolves to the butterfly 🦋 you too will evolve and people will notice and say wow s/he has really changed. 💫


I'm Excited for You!


When you find yourself saying “how amazing it is to find someone who wants to hear about all the things going on in your head” you have found the right coach/mentor! 

Stop waiting to hire someone to support you through the game of life. Even athletes know the value of a coach. The time is now —the clock is ticking. 

What will you tell yourself 6 months from now about the goals and desire you have now? 

Will you still be trying to figure out a way to accomplish them? 

Will you be discouraged with your results? 

Or maybe you will have just given up completely? 

It’s doesn’t have to be like this. If you’re ready to break the cycle once and for all and rise higher then let’s talk about my 6-month stuck to unstoppable program. 

Together we work 1:1 every day which also includes a call each week. As your personal life coach and private mentor, I will support and celebrate you as you take the journey to where you want to be. Acting as a built-in accountability partner, I will help you work through roadblocks, breakdown the barriers that have been holding you back and take the steps needed towards your goals. And I will also provide you with resources and connections to help make reaching your goals easier. 

Message me for a free conversation and program details.

Year in Review

Melissa (& Mr. Find Your Own DRIVE, Dusty)

Melissa (& Mr. Find Your Own DRIVE, Dusty)

Dear friends,
I love this time of year. It's a time of reflection, celebrations, goal-setting, and new beginnings. It's something I try to do -- and help others do -- throughout the year with my coaching services. I love walking side-by-side with my clients on their journey to reach new levels they only dreamed of before. I reflect, celebrate, goal-set, and help them write and stay focused on their new chapters of life. As you reflect on 2018 and goal set for 2019, I hope you'll reach out to me if you'd like an experienced coach to help you stay accountable and navigate any road blocks that may stand in the way of getting you where you want to go this year. As for me, get ready to see a fresh look and new offerings on the site soon -- I'm ready to blossom big time! “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin 
Love and light,


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