Your Past


By allowing yourself to let go of the past, it can and will change your life’s journey. Write all the details to the things you wish to release and let go of with details —and please no judgment. 

Be as detailed as you remember the events and add any emotions. Get it up and out of your system/memory and bring it back to life with all the feelings. 

Then—Release, release, release. Forgive the past and ripe up the paper and burn it to ash. Believe and trust it is being recycled and renewed across all space and time. 

Breathe —You can move forward and live for today and not from your past. 

It’s time to Level Up my dear. It’s taken you way to long. I’m here to support and hold space. Let me know how I can help before, during or after this process. On the other side you’ll feel so much lighter. I know this to be true.