What's On Your List?


Today, list the joys in your life. Breaking the habit of talking about your problems will open you up to more joy. What you focus on, creates more. 

If you complain about your money problems —you continue to have money problems. Speak abundance into your life. 

If you complain about relationship problems —you stay stuck in bad relationships. Select five people who lift your spirit and bring you joy, and be intentional about spending as much time as possible with them.

If you complain about your health and wellness —you won’t find what makes you healthy and well. Look to making simple shifts that can lead to healthier habits. Oh, and remember —You didn’t get unhealthy overnight so don’t expect it to change overnight. 😉

It’s all conscious language habits. Speak your future as if it already is. And find evidence that you are improving your current situation for the best. That will fuel you to the destination of your dreams.

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