Mastering the Beginning


“Every master was once a beginner. Every pro was once an amateur. "
-Robin Sharma

Start somewhere and you may just be surprised where you are led. ☀️

FindYourOwnDRIVE has always been 🐛where mindset and motivation leads to transformation 🦋 Now, more than ever. In my personal life, I’m making a commitment to reclaim my health, and just as I offer accountability with my coaching sessions, sharing this process with you publicly is a way to keep ME accountable.

What you do today is creating your future. I’m living proof of that — I’ve made big life shifts before through small changes every day. I’m at the beginning of my next life shift and I’ll share the process with you every step of the way. Just join the email program here if you’re interested 👉🏻

Cheers to new adventures and the beautiful discoveries that follow along that path.