Using Gratitude as a Tool


ahh yes GRATITUDE where the magic can enter into your life with joy and ease. 

Rebuilding yourself, rebranding yourself, and rediscovering yourself is all centered in a place of gratitude. 

When I feel things aren’t aligning as I have intended I go back and find the gratitude. The deep thankfulness for being right where I am. From this place I can pivot and get back on track. 

If money isn’t showing up—I start recalling all the money I’ve been given thought my life ...starting when I was born. That’s a lot of money! 

When an opportunity doesn’t workout —I revisit all the other opportunities that did! Knowing the next one is well in it way. 

Now that I am surround by likeminded individuals — I am grateful to share a common space to learn and grow together! 

It’s that simple, my friends. The magic is on the other side of GRATITUDE—try it. Even if it’s just for today. Oh, and be sure to look for the magic. It’s there. 💫