#WellnessWednesday Regret! 😐

When I read this quote it brought up a lot of things that I either didn’t do or did not allow myself to take the chance.

Although I’ve been very successful in my business and life endeavors, and took chances, it’s more personal.

If you have followed me for anytime you know that at one point I committed to being healthy. I changed my diet dramatically, eliminated White flour, sugar, and dairy as well as all alcohol, and create a very slim body and reversed and avoided some health issues. 

This all took place back in 2014, and I maintain this program of a healthier lifestyle for close to two years. But over time I begin to revert back to the old ways and losing site of my overall health and well-being. 

Sharing the word “regret” is to allow yourself to really lean into knowing that at the time when you made big strides in your life and felt good there was no regrets. 

But if you’re someone who has slipped back into old patterns, or not really fulfilling your desires by taking chances, the regret is something that you can give yourself permission to release by recognizing you’re not the same person you were when you accomplish those things before or even missed out on opportunities. 

So now moving forward allow yourself to take this information and know that “up until now” that’s how it was. And from this place you get to release the regret and move forward with passion and desire by doing the things you want to do and taking the chances that you want to take. 

This is life by design and how you make it happen!! You’ve got this 💫