Is Your Past Running the Show?


Often, the stories of your past are running the show. Meaning, you continue to think and speak about them all the time within your mind or to others. 

How does this serve? It doesn’t really. It just keep you stuck in that story and doesn’t allow for you to uplevel to something better. 

“you can’t rewrite your past...”. 

Your past is the place where you learn valuable lessons from the experiences you have and understand those lessons by using the information to do better moving forward. 

Good or bad — your past is behind you. 

Today, in this moment, you have the power—if you give yourself permission, “to grab a clean sheet of paper and write your future” with all the details of what you want to experience next. 

Allow your mind let go the limitations (fear) and really own what you desire. 

The sky is the limit!

It’s your birth-rite to live abundantly and prosperously so today move towards those dreams and goals by writing it as if it already is....and so it will be. 💫

Remember — you make it happen and the time is now.