What's Your Order?


Tell the “story” as if it already is! 

Whatever it is that you’re calling in for your life —what does it look like once you have received it. 

A lot of lottery winners lose their money quickly because they don’t have a plan for spending it. 

Make a Plan today on what things will look like and how you will look, be, and feel once it arrives. 

There’s truly magic in all of this I promise you. So just take today and start creating that future with pen and paper and let the universe do the rest. 

Imagine the Universe is a cosmic kitchen and you are placing your order. Give the details and know it is on its way to you for you. And remember to be in a high vibration when you create this order by being excited and energized — Childlike when they know Christmas is coming. 

You’ve got this. You make it happen. Start with the vision. And celebrate everything you call in with happiness and joy. Cheers my friend. Have an amazing day 💫🥂