Changes - Inside and Around


#WellnessWednesday Today I want to remind you that when things change inside of you, things change around you. 

During my journey back in 2014, I took my understanding of my health and wellness to the next level. First releasing my addiction to alcohol, followed dropping sugar, white flour and dairy from my diet, to learning to love on myself more. 

No judgement, self loathing, or negative self talk —that didn’t serve me so I was done! 

I started from a place of mindset in that I would make myself healthier for longevity and vitality. To live in a body vessel that would carry me into my hundreds if possible 💫

And I was able to accomplish that goal, for a period of time, I felt alive in my body. And what was going into my body and mind was goodness with nutrition, thoughts, and love. And everything around me was all that as well. 

Overtime, like many of us do, I slipped back into my old patterns with food, but proudly to say some of my other addictions to alcohol, smoking, overspending, is no longer a struggle for me. 👏🏻

What I know for sure is it all begins with the thoughts. Our mind is a powerful tool. What I’m thinking about, and what I’m saying about myself is all deeply imbedded with in my system. And the outer evidence of clutter, lack of focus and energy, and eating those foods that no longer support me is the confirmation things need to change.  

So it’s time to step back into my inner compass and find ways that I can start creating better wellness. 

My intuition knows and tells me — back to the basics and start with mindset. 

Thoughts become things as Mike Dooley always says so choose the good ones.

And so today I WILL! 

In what ways do you find yourself struggling? If you need help navigating these changes, please contact me.