Who Do You Admire?


This week, I talked a lot about being intentional as you release — not just suppress — what no longer serves you and the person you desire to be. My #MondayMotivation post was about the being more intentional part, my #TuneUpThursday post was about releasing vs suppressing, and then my #FridayJournal post was about believing you’re capable of doing the very things you admire others for doing.
So, I encourage you to pull out your journal and pen and write (or just a note in your phone). Spend a few minutes thinking about who you desire to be! What are the specific qualities you admire in others?


You admire others who are pushing themselves to be better. This is the first step to becoming one of them.
Thoughts becomes things 💫 choose the good ones 💜🧡💜

As always, if you ever need help navigating your journey, please feel free to contact me.