It's Happening


Living life by design. It’s what I tell my clients every day to do. It’s what I coach my social media followers to do when I check in several times a week. But a few months ago, I realized I wasn’t truly living the life I desired for myself. There were some things I was holding on to because I was scared to let go. There were things I wanted to do, but I was scared to take the leap of faith.

How could I genuinely, whole-heartedly encourage my clients to live life by design if I wasn’t? So, I decided to take my own advice. I went through my five steps of D.R.I.V.E. (you’ll have to download my free eBook to learn what those are!). I got clear on what I wanted and starting taking steps necessary to make it happen. I made huge shifts in my personal and professional life to better align with the big hopes and dreams I have for myself. Less of what I don’t enjoy, more of what brings me joy.

And now… it’s happening. The things I journaled about, visualized to the greatest detail that I could muster, and spoke about to as many people who would listen… it’s all happening. For me. Right now.

Just as an example, one of the things I wanted to do more of was to do more public speaking. I visualized myself helping and inspiring groups, teams, and organizations. I told people I was interested in doing this. I journaled about it. And then, the calls started flowing in. Some opportunities were even bigger than I had hoped for!

Yesterday was one of them — I was asked to be a featured speaker at the Ohio Success Awards in Columbus at the Ohio Statehouse. Business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, movers and shakers from across the state came to the event and filled a room that I spent an hour motivating and educating about my five steps of D.R.I.V.E.

It was the very thing I wanted and envisioned for myself.

Now, I share this to show you it’s possible. The magic is real. The visualizing, the journaling, the speaking it as if it’s real already… it’s real and it works. I know because it’s happening for me right now and I want this for you too.

Contact me if you need help getting clear on your vision or an accountability partner along the way.