Here We Grow!


📸February 2015 (left) — this is me at my photoshoot (hair and makeup artist behind me) for Find You Own DRIVE, the business I started to mentor and support others both on and off the golf course ⛳️

The desire to Coach was from a place of me learning from my own life experiences, including the good, bad, and sometimes ugly experiences which I learned to embrace and/or overcome. Having worked with a coach myself I saw the value and wanted to help others through their journey being supported with a coach. Everyone needs a coach — athletes have proven that! 

Little did I know at that time (or maybe I did since I like living big) the business in transformational coaching and public speaking would expand exponentially in just four years. 

The me who believed in herself and took the leap and found her DRIVE is now supporting others from stuck to unstoppable in their life and/or business.

📸October 2018 (photo right), has brought many new avenues to share and shine my gifts and offers to a much larger audience which includes my upcoming events in March at Columbus Women in Business Expo in Pickerington and at the State House for the Cincy Magazines Ohio Business Success Awards where I will be presenting to the attendees at both events. 

Why am I sharing this?

I share this because the little country girl who started selling stationery at the age of 10, going up and down the road to the farm wives, asking them to buy stationery, which then allowed me to get mine for free, set all of this in motion.

Not only am I an entrepreneur at heart but also a teacher. When I turned 30 and went back to school to earn my teaching degree and also earned my masters in technology education, it ignited the light within me to play a bigger game in life. 

And in my 40s owning and operating two golf courses with my family just added to my experiences.

And look at me now, I am independently growing and supporting others in their businesses as well as speaking and motivating teams and individuals —not only to find their own drive from stuck to unstoppable but also how to live their life by design.

If you or someone you know is looking to expand beyond their current circumstances or situation we need to talk! A conversation with me will be a game changer for you — guaranteed!