Finding a Mentor


Looking for the answers? Wanting to learn how to navigate your current situation or circumstances? Desiring to have, be and do all that your heart longs for? 

You can —and you will — if you choose to. 

Hi, I’m Melissa. A women who found her way in life using her own DRIVE. Learning this valuable techniques and sharing it with others, I discovered my experiences in life that were much challenging, game chaining, and hard were no different then what others were experiencing. 

After working with a coach/mentor I discovered ways to bounce back, find new ways, and live my life my way. Calling in the joy during my set backs and happiness from the stumbling blocks. Overcoming the fear, shame, doubt and sadness to love, gratitude, joy and happiness. 

Several years ago, I began sharing and coaching others on using techniques that unlock what keeps us stuck. Teaching and mentoring has always been my passion in life and now I am able to change perspectives, open hearts, and support others to live from a place of joy and happiness. 

Are you ready to start your journey —to let go of what holds you back and find your own DRIVE to go from stuck to unstoppable?

I think you are! Seeing and reading this message is your sign! It’s time my friend. Your life is your gift. Let me support you in making it shine 💫