Embracing the Unknown


“If you don’t fear the unknown, the unknown will be kind to you!”

How often do you find yourself paralyzed in fear?

When does the unknowingness take hold and keep you stuck where you are?

How has fear been running your life?

I see this a lot with others and in myself —The fear of the unknown. 

On my journey, fear was presented early on in my childhood. As children we do tend to fear things based on what we are taught. And until we can determine otherwise, we hold onto that fear belief until we discover and understanding why we are fearful in the first place. 

When we can understand we have a choice whether to hold onto the fear of the unknown, or just let it go, we create a powerful belief of not having to live in fear because we can trust the unknown will be kind. 

I can remember as a young child and into my early teenage years I was petrified of thunderstorms to the point where I would have to go into my sisters room and sleep or just be paralyzed in fear, going in the corner of a room and crying waiting for the storm to pass.

What caused me to have fear around the storms? 

I’m not exactly certain but I believe it’s what I perceived about the thunderstorms and the noise they made believing the earth was “blowing up”. 

So in time, I released that fear knowing that I had no control over the thunderstorms. That nothing bad was going to happen to me and that it was just noise. 

As I begin to release that fear, I was able to start hearing the musical part of the thunderstorm, along with the brilliant light show it would display, and then the sound of the rain drops, whether they be small or large, as they dropped upon the the windowsill I feel peace. 

And so from that place of fear, and letting go, there’s a shift that occurs allowing you to take hold and understand that fear is simply a choice.

As you move forward in your life think of those things that cause you fear stay curious to how they’re keeping you stuck in your current situation or circumstance. And just ask yourself what if I no longer feared the unknown?

From there fully embrace the unknown, not in fear, but with hope, and letting it be kind to you.