When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

It’s Wednesday and I must say it’s another amazing day to be alive! My journey over the past 20 months has had a host of ups, downs, losses and battle scars AND yet I’m still going —growing and expanding from my life lessons and being able to support and coach others along their journey. I’ve connected with people who challenge me, support me, and love me unconditionally. 

This message below was posted by a client who just signed on with me for a six-month coaching package. She said she posted this before she reached out to me! This client is someone I’ve known for several years and now we will be working together. As the saying goes when the student is ready the teacher appears. She was ready! And I appeared. 😊

Are you ready? When you read the passage below do you want that for your life? Are you wanting to find the magic in life that has seemed to vanished? Are you ready to go from “stuck to unstoppable”? Then let’s connect. I have just what your heart desires and am ready to be of service. 

Have an amazing day 💞