How are you doing when it comes to setting priorities? Are you too busy? Or just not seeing the value. 

Since the journaling began I realized I needed to make it a priority. It felt in alignment with my heart. I know the power is writing my thoughts, dreams and experiences. 

So with the journaling I’ve discovered how important it is to prioritize and set goals in order to move forward with my desires and take clear action. 

I continue to work on my journaling and opening up to what’s no longer serving me. Asking “am
I busy or is this not a priority” —I know what I want to call in for my reality and I am really digging deep into my thoughts, taking the time to journal (without excuses aka priority) which is allowing me to be more productive. 

The journaling is giving me a place to offset the mind chatter and clutter and in a way offering me accountability. 

Now I see clearly that as I work on being in service with my motivational speaking and workshops, along with my rebranding for my business, I see where I’ve been shrinking and distracted—up until now! I’m not too busy — this is a priority that I happily accept. 💞