How to Discover Your Desire!

This came up in our group challenge and I felt it would be helpful to share here. 
When we think of what we desire, we want it ALL, right?! Money, time, perfect career, loving relationships, travel, peace, joy, slimmer body, etc. 
I have discovered that deciding where to focus your DRIVE for change is found by allowing yourself to consider what would have the biggest impact on your life. Perhaps it will change other circumstances that exist that you would like to change as well.
Here's one of my biggest transformations in 2014 that changed (and saved) my life.
I knew that things were not going as I desired in my life. There was lack of happiness and a feeling of being lost on my journey. 
I had done all the gold stars and check marks. I was living an abundant life. However, there was just a feeling of something missing. My heart was longing for more!
In a journal entry, I wrote all the things that were bothering me most; wanting to run our family business at an optimal success level, for me to take back control over my health to live longer and have more energy, and to eliminate the use of alcohol on a daily basis.
Of these three things drinking was what jumped off the page. 
Why? I realized in that moment that drinking had the biggest hold on my life! The smoking, over-eating, spending money, not running a profitable business, etc., where all just a by-product of my drinking. (Gulp!)
Now having this awareness, I set the intention to stop the drinking because I knew that was the BIGGEST, most sabotaging element in my life that controlled everything. I knew releasing the alcohol would release the other unfavorable behaviors AND allow for everything else to turn around. 
And it has! Releasing an addiction doesn't have to be hard, it just needs to come from a place of "why" for yourself. Once you lock into that desire and believe it to be true, no one or thing will knock you off course. Your desired outcome will become stronger than any excuse you can tell!
Why? Because when you become aware of what you desire (no more going numb and hiding out from life) you gain the ability to SEE and FEEL what you want and desire… and so it is!
If this has brought up questions for yourself, I'd love the opportunity to spend 30 minutes on a call with you. Just reply to this post or use my scheduler to plan a time. Asking for support is the first step in making changes and allowing for healing in your own life. I'm here in service and hold everything sacred and in confidence. 
Isn't it time to let go and start creating more of what you desire in your life?