Just Ask for Support

This morning I was feeling a bit down. Coming off of a high vibration from making things happen, but this morning it caught up with me. I felt drained.

How can I keep doing this level of work that I'm doing and still keep myself motivated?

I'm familiar with this feeling so I knew it be best to reach out to my coach and ask for support!

Her recommendation was to make a list of those things I've recently accomplished to see how much "work" I have been doing in such a short amount of time.

She offered this as a starter:

"Lady, you are literally right there at the place you are going! You just need to finish it! You have this challenge all set and ready to go, you have YMCA dates set, you have collaborations with the college, and you are getting ready to put in place the consignment shop. What else? You have this book launching in 3 days in addition to the one you've already written. Take stock in all your accomplishments. This challenge and helping direct sales people shift their perspective is fabulous. Run with it!"

Holy Wow! BIG Shift!

I am “getting shit done” (as she likes to say), and having her reflect back on my accomplishments from this month alone revitalized me: spirit and soul!  I felt the shift and found I am now at even a higher vibration than before.

All because I ASKED for support and am open to RECEIVE it.

As I continue to learn and tap into what I need I’m discovering that seeking support is key.  Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want even if it feels uncomfortable.  Trust that on the other side you’ll find joy.

Where do you need support? What would you ask if you had a coach who is there to offer guidance? Don’t have a coach? You are in luck.

Today’s discover has nudged me to offer YOU, a subscriber of Find Your Own DRIVE, a gift of a 1-Hour Power Session!

You read that right! My own personal lesson for today of “asking for support” is now giving you the “pay it forward” gift of a FREE 1-Hour Power Session!

A Power Session is where you can openly ask the questions you want to understand, unravel, or eliminate completely, whether it is job, family, personal development, anything! I’m here for YOU.

Simply reply to this post with YES! and we will get you set up on a day/time that works best for you.  I will only be gifting these sessions until September 15, 2016, so be sure to claim your spot.

Can't wait to hear from you!