Being Left Behind...

I'm working diligently on my businesses and all of a sudden I’m caught with:

  • Missing networking calls or meetings
  • Unexpected situations that I have no control over
  • Discovering that my program idea was a total flop
  • Looking forward to some “me” time and being pulled in all different directions

When this happens, my mind goes to looking around at what others are doing.  All I can see from this point of view (overwhelm) is the amazing women I’ve connected myself with are expanding and growing like crazy. They are saying, doing, and creating all the right things.  Everywhere I look I see people expanding and growing their biz in record time – in a blink of an eye. How are they doing it all and moving ahead so fast? What about me?

Then the feeling of sadness shows up... feeling like I’m Being Left Behind.

The same old pattern rises up - self sabotage! Which includes but not limited to:

  • Not taking action
  • Thinking those “people” have more (better) support
  • Thinking “I just haven’t found the right niche”
  • My ego asking me “who do you think you are?”


Seeking understanding, I posted my concerns in a private Facebook group.  Immediately, a beautiful message came offering the perfect message:

“You believe that there is a "you" and "them" - you are them. They are your reflection. Every single success you see is a reflection of what is possible for you. You wouldn't be surrounded by such high vibration souls if you weren't also at that level.”

The light bulb came on bright in that moment.  I knew this to be true.  I am seeing what my heart desires in all the others who I feel have arrived.

The message that comes to me knows that I can only see their success from my own knowingness. They are showing up for me to reach a bit higher, take a few more chances, ask for more support, and to know they never stop believing in me.

The ego is a powerful dude when given its full attention and operates from a space of fear.  It’s worth stopping and telling your ego “thanks, but I’ve got this.”

By allowing the self doubt to rise (fear), it gives opportunity to release the “old story” which keeps me in a place of Being Left Behind. I now choose to create a new story.

I’m on my own journey of growth and expansion knowing that others who are already doing what I see in my vision for myself, lifts my vibration and gives me joy knowing all things are possible.

Using my intuition, believing in divine timing, and taking inspired action, knowing I’m just a thought away from being right where I desire to be, and no longer being left behind.

When do you feel you’re being left behind? Where do you desire support and clarity on your journey? How is the ego talking to you about your dreams and desires? What fears are keeping you stuck and playing small?

We are all reflections of one another, so don’t be left behind always wondering “if only” and take action now to move ahead as I did. I asked for support, and the message received has opened my mind, heart, and spirit to know I’m not being left behind… I’m right where I need to be with love and grace.

I am personally inviting you to connect with me. Let’s chat about where you may be missing an opportunity due to the ego showing up and telling you lies or those fears that you know are holding you back.

Reply to this blog and say “YES!” and I will contact with you immediately to schedule a time for us to chat.