Allow Yourself To Be in the Gap

Today I want to talk to you about pausing and being in the gap.

This theme has been coming up for both me and my clients. The gap - the time where something ends/is achieved and the next phase is about to start/begin– known as the the gap.

So often we get caught up in the gold stars and check mark mentality, we forget to stop along the way and notice! We often miss out on receiving all the goodness around what has just been accomplished/received in our life because we are moving towards the next mark.

With always wanting to get to the next big thing, we haven’t realized how far we’ve already come.

For instance, I have not had any alcohol for over two years. Since releasing this addiction, I never considered it to be a “count the days” story because I knew when I said NO to drinking it was a lifestyle change and there wasn’t going to be any number that said I was doing so. I was simply living in sobriety.

What I realized that giving up a lifelong addiction by eliminating alcohol opened my path to receive and create so much more. This is expansion at its finniest!

However, it wasn’t until recently that the “gap” came to my realization on how easily we may take things for granted. My decision to become sober wasn’t a small task by any means, let alone stepping into a life on purpose where I had to now feel my “feelings”, and no more hiding out. Yikes! and Yay!

Today, I’m living a life of passion and purpose. I’m leading by example. I am motivating and encouraging others to live their life full out and drop the stories and addictions to whatever they use to go numb and unconscious, or make excuses.

None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t made that decision to stop the drinking.

Being scared is never fun, and using other distractions to avoid that “feeling” seems to be a way of life for many. Now that I’m on the other side of things, I realized I didn’t take time to feel my life “in the gap” – the place after and just before…!

It seems so natural to move onto the next big thing! And yet, I didn’t stop to find the balance, new discoveries, and freedom from completing a cycle of drinking that no longer served me and had consumed so much of me for years.

All the shame, doubt, fears and wondering what was said or done, no longer haunts me. Overcoming the addiction released those moments and I am grateful to pause in the “gap” and celebrate knowing I’ve come to a place of being!

When’s the last time you allowed yourself to stop and celebrate yourself on something you’ve accomplished, overcome, or completed and say “job well done” and know there is nothing more you have to do in that moment?

Make time now to step into the gap of where you once where and where you are now. Feel the difference and allow the experience to soak in knowing you’ll never go back as far as you once where.

Reflect today on how you arrived at this time and space. Write them down. Get real. Feel how things used to be and how they are now. Give yourself permission to fully love where you are in this moment.

Include in this reflection not only the good things but also anything like a bad job situation, lack of money, addiction to drinking, food or shopping, heated relationships, anything that feels uncomfortable, and shed light onto it knowing you will create something better moving forward. Receive the messages from the way things use to be ..... up until now!

You are the creator and rock star in your own life. Start with being present in this moment….oh, yes, you already are since you read this entire message ;)

Allowing yourself to BE in the gap ~

xx Melissa