Let Go of the Hows….

Do you find yourselves being stuck in a place of decision only because you can’t figure out “how” you will ever reach the end point or desired outcome?

You keep trying to figure out the hows, knowing you want to get from point A to point B, but can’t see a clear way. You want the details first before moving forward.

You have conversation in your head around “if I do this, this will happen”, but then again “doing this may lead to that.” This my friend is rolling around in the “hows” rather than TAKING ACTION!

A year ago I wanted to start a women’s beginner golf scramble for those ladies I had just completed giving lessons to.  My concern was if they signed up, “how” I would be able to be with all the groups to give guidance and direction for them to fully benefit learning to play. I also wondered who I could ask to help, but quickly dismissed this idea thinking “how” would I convenes them to help.

So since I couldn’t figure out the “hows” in making this happen, I just dropped the entire idea. 

Fast forward to earlier this month, I hosted an event for women golfers who play at all levels and at the end I offered a three week beginner scramble.  To my surprise, 15 women sign up on the spot!

The first night when we met we drew for teams, and there just so happened to be five women who were already advanced golfers.  Those women were given the role as “team leader” and two beginner players were placed on their team, making five teams of three players which included an advanced leader.  What I had envisioned all along. 

Holy Wow! Right!?!  I couldn’t have planned it any better. It all aligned as I had imagined but I didn’t do anything to make it happen in this way.

All I did was take ACTION by announcing the offering, drop the “hows”, and believed it would all turn out in the highest and best good to those who say YES.

And it most certainly did. I was in awe of this and also thankful. 

We have one more night of the three weeks and the women are already wanting to continue and commenting on how wonderful it has been having this opportunity to improve their game and be with someone that can offer them encouragement and instruction. They are all so grateful for me offering them this experience of learning and playing golf in a non-intimidating environment with supportive women.

My desire for this opportunity is now happening because I took action and dropped the hows.

This next time around, I am up leveling the program to include 15 minutes of mindfulness coaching before going out to play! More on that in future emails.

So today what is it that you are not taking ACTION on but know in your heart there is a desire to do something that will be in your highest and best good?

Try this:

Want a new home? Buy something small like a pillow that will represent to you that the new home is on its way.

Hate your job? Be the best you can and thankful for the one you have now knowing you’re attracting your next career.

Desire to lose weight? Get in some extra steps by parking the furthest spot away from the entrance at all locations including your home.

What do you desire? And think of one thing you can do today that will lead you closer to that which you desire.  Let go of the hows and believe in the process.

The Universe is rising up to meet you – just ask and take action.  You’ll be so glad you did.

It all starts with DESIRE followed by ACTION.

Maybe today the action is to schedule a free 30 minute discovery call to flush out your desires and get you moving to Find Your Own DRIVE!

I’m here for you in love and support and give your permission to stop being stuck in a place of decision and take action.