I Can't Afford Anything!

Are you Feeling Lack? – Keep Your Eye on the WHY!

You decided it’s time for change and you want something better….but you can’t afford it!

You consider taking a program, going back to school, buying a new car, traveling, helping others….. all those desires that involve money….which you can’t afford; or can you? 

Do you find yourself resisting things you desire only because it involves money? 

What if there was an endless supply of money? Would you continue to stay stuck in the story of lack?

Of course not, you would create a lifestyle from a place of financial freedom and have all that your heart desires? 

I’m here to let you know, from my own personal experience, that the story of lack is what keeps you right where you are.

Would you be willing to switch your thinking?

Consider this:  what if you where told you need to generate $2,000 in the next two days because someone you deeply loved (or yourself) needs it for a cure of an illness otherwise they will die! Would you find the money – hell yea you would! You would be determined to figure out a way to get the money. 

You would start with your savings (if you have one), call friends and family, look at your availability on your credit cards, sell something, go get a private loan, ANYTHING to get the money and all along not even thinking how you’d every repay the money because you only want to focus on getting the money NOW.

So, why is it so easy to go after the money in this “live/death” situation?

Perhaps from knowing and believing there is happiness on the other side of obtaining the money knowing someone will be saved and live another day.

In this moment, you are passionate and driven to know that your next two days is about being in service to the person you love.  Nothing else matters except finding the money.

What’s going on with you in this moment?

You have a purpose, drive, and passion knowing things will be better, someone’s life will be changed, and you will have been a part of making this all happen because you where driven to do what you believe is the best way to offer support and love for this person by getting the money.

So, why is it that when it comes to YOU there is resistance? Resistances around being supported by the things you desire.  Why is “having no money” to do and have the things you want the only answer keeping you from having those things?

If you are able to find money for someone else in need, you can absolutely find money for yourself!

It all starts with a desire deep from within.

Knowing and believing that what you want will change you. Whether you want to take a trip to lie on the sandy floor of the ocean, to a month in Rome, or buying a new home, even having the support of a life coach, all of this is possible IF you desire it deep enough from within.

Take Action! Take some action steps to call in the money, as you would do for an emergency, you can start seeing where there is more than enough and not lack.

I’m not saying go into (more) debt to do these things; I’m saying focus on what the outcome will be when you make things happen – the joy, happiness, love and excitement. Mmmm!   

How do you feel, what did you learn, who would you be – this is your why!

And from there the passion of this the “why” grows from within and you start to attract the things you need to make it come forward. The Universe is on your side and is aligning all that needs to happen to support you in your deepest desires. 

Ask for what you desire, trust the process, and believe it is already coming to you! The magic starts with knowing you are more than enough and very capable of having it all!

Start now by letting go of your story of lack and enter into the story of “I have more than enough!”
….and so it is.

In Love and Service to You!