Expansion and Contraction!

Sounds like childbirth doesn’t it? And, truthfully our lives are constantly giving birth to new ideas, things, and opportunities.  We can be the creator of all things, or all things may be happen on their own.

Either way there is a time for expansion and contraction throughout the process.

When we stop to say life is happening FOR me rather than life is happening TO me a shift occurs. 

Say the following two sentences:

Why does this always happen to me?

Why is this happening to me – what do I need to know?

Let that sink in!  

Here’s an example: you are running late for work due to a driver in front of you going well below the speed limit, and you want to pass but you're unable to. You start thinking “why is this happening to me, of all days, I have to …..”

Now shift your thoughts to “why am I being delayed?”  Be curious!

What comes up? 

Perhaps you are only a few minutes from home to realize you forgot to turn off the stove, or maybe you realize you where to bring the donuts for the office meeting but had forgotten and you see the donut shop just ahead, or just maybe the Universe is stepping in to take you out of an accident that is occurring in this moment. 

Or more simply you overslept and are running late – the car in front of you has nothing to do with that, you’ve just made him the target of your frustrations – let it go! And accept you’ll be late.

As you read those possibilities, feel how your body will contract when you think about being late, but expands when you can stay curious to the feelings you have around being late.

Embrace this knowing that out of any situation good will come, or something better.

We sometimes have to look for it, and often have to be patient to learn and discovery what the best part of any situation, but believe me my friend I have being doing this work for a long time and know to be true that good will come….it always does – you just have to look for it!

Set backs are often a time of contraction.  The frustration, angry, and often madness that goes along with not having things “go your way” can lead to having a trickle down affect into other areas that seem to be going smoothly.

Just allow the contraction, breathe, be curious, and stop to experience what is taking place. Feel the expansion.  You will be glad you did and from there things will shift in your favor.