Welcome November!

Welcome November! We're already a week into this magical month.  It signifies, for me, the beginning of the holidays and the time for reflection and planning for the New Year.

It also brings about the worries of lack and not enough.  Often as the days are shorter and the nights are longer a bit of sadness and loneliness may set in. 

I have found that I do a lot of reading during this time of year.  I want to open my mind to possibilities and amp up my vibration (energy) to keep focused and driving towards the next big thing. Reading gives me time to receive messages that I may have overlooked and ideas that will move me forward.    

Several years ago I was presented with the book "Think and Grow Rich!"  At first, the title wasn’t something that resonated with me as a possibility – more like never a possibility. 

How can one think and grow rich? I’ve done that all my life and I’m still broke!

Then I found the book kept grabbing my attention so I decided to give it a read.

Randomly opening up the book I found the story “Three Feet From Gold” and began to read.  Whoa! This resonated with me so much.  I started to wonder how many times I was in that same scenario? What have I given up on way before I should have?

So I am sharing with you today the PDF of Napoleon Hill's - Think and Grow Rich. (You can also YouTube and have the audio version). You can download the PDF of the book here! The story Three Feet From Gold (pg 22) offers a big shift in mindset.

I hope you'll take a moment and read that story – and see what comes up for you.  I believe it may just change your mindset tremendously, opening you up to endless possibilities around money!

And of course find time to read the entire book because it always offers more insights and mindfulness. I pick it up often and randomly open to find the message I need for that day. Hell, the title alone gives me great inspiration!

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