An Invite to Join

Hello! Last week, I talked about the power of the pen and how journaling can help you personally, professionally and everywhere in between. This week, I’m inviting you to join me in some journaling. This weekend, take some time to write a journal entry focusing on the year to come. What are your hopes for 2019? What elements of your life and career would you like to see change in 2019, and how would you like them to change? Take some time to really connect with yourself and envision the coming year in terms of your life and career! View yesterday’s video for some added support 🖊


Q: Who journals? 🙋‍♀️ (but I’ve not been consistent lately) 
Today I had several conversions with clients and associates and the theme around journaling kept coming up. 
It reminded me how powerful keeping a journal can keep me on task and in action. It also allows me to offset some of my thoughts so I can make room for new ones or find clarity. 
Pictured below I’m sharing a small collection of my own personal journals because I want to encourage you to take on the practice of journaling with me.  
Together you will discover how writing consistently can bring forward new ideas, plans, and clarity. 
And to help you even more —I’m excited to share with you that I am going to be offering you a weekly journal prompt here so you can begin the process. You won’t be alone 👊🏻
For now go out and purchase a new journal that speaks to you and let’s get ready to write your future into existence. ✨♥️✨
Believe in Yourself 🥂 ✍🏻💫


Your Next Chapter

Let me say this—when you are supported on your journey in life and have someone who can help you re-read the story and learn from the experiences so you can thrive moving into your next chapter in life, you hired a coach. Just as an athlete does when preparing for competition or event. 

Let’s connect. I have THREE spots available for 1:1 clients and would like to connect. 

As your coach you will receive:
- weekly phone/zoom 30 minutes
- daily email/text
- accountability check in
- resources and recommendations 
- mindset activities
- ongoing motivation

If your ready then let’s connect. Message me or drop a comment below. 

Stop “waiting” for the perfect moment, time or money. Once you say yes everything will align.


Being Grateful -- Even in the "Middle"

It’s a choice to be grateful. Not always easy and often harder when things aren’t aligning with your goals and aspirations. However let me remind you of a quote from one of my all time favorite movies—

“Beginnings are usually scary, endings are usually sad, but it's what's in the middle that counts. So when you find yourself at the beginning, just give hope a chance to float up. And it will.”

Do you know the movie? 👇🏻 drop it in the comments. Something special for those who reply ✨

I’ll be back later with your TuneUp Thursdays message.



?? Do you feel like you are struggling to figure out what it is you want? 
?? Are you finding you want more for yourself and yet you have no idea what that might be? 
?? Do you feel if you could be dipped into a pool of water and pulled back out, releasing all the gunk and stuckness, you'd know more and have clarity of what to do?

Here's your sign --> ACTIVATION -- several years ago I discovered a gift of mine in that I can support others in bringing them back in alignment with their souls purpose and found their passion, getting the from stuck to unstoppable. 

Does this sound like something you desire?

Then you are ready and cannot lose by investing in 1-hour of your time to have an experience like never before.

Being supported and guided during this offer is how you'll find your way back to what lights you up, gives you direction, and shows you the next steps to take to move from stuck to unstoppable.

Ready? Here you go.......

A Clear Vision


The magic of being up at 4 am because my vision is so clear it makes me jump out of bed in the mornings knowing my service to others is potent and powerful and deeply fulfilling. 

Supporting others on their journey, allowing them to believe in themselves, and teaching them the magic in releasing the past to create the future through their thoughts and conscious language —priceless. 

I challenge you to find what lights you up and start your day by jumping out of bed with drive and happiness! 💞

You're Invited to My Online Webinar!

I’m so excited! I’m hosting an online webinar Nov. 11 from 1-2pm that will be available to those who register. A link for the live event will be sent prior to going live (click here to get more details!). A replay is also available but only to those who register. If you have been thinking how in the world have I gotten to this place in my life -- and don't know what to do next. Then this event is for YOU. Find whats holding you back, keeping you stuck, and identify what needs to happen to move past the stuckness into your full potential of unstoppable. Enough said -- see you soon <3


Trust the Process


May this be a gentle reminder to those who are worried, stressed, or anxious. Everything is working out in your highest and best good. Trust the process and believe it is already done. 

Start now and see the result you desire in your minds eye. Just like you did when you were a child and imagined what life would be like —all good things, right!?!

And if you aren’t able to see the goodness and want a nudge then reach out to me. I’m here and would be honored to speak with you. 

The time is now! 💜🧡💜
Message me 💫

Building Your Foundation

This photo reminds me how we build our businesses. Starting with a large foundation is key and takes time and patience. Often, though, a foundation is the strong, deep and UNSEEN part of the structure. Think about that.

We usually envision what we want the building to look like, but rarely do we think of what the foundation will need to be, look like or how much work will go into it. But a strong foundation is essential for a strong building. Once it's there, then the only way to grow is up. 

For me, relationships with others builds a solid foundation. Everyone likes to be heard, valued, supported, and encouraged - including me. Build your relationships - then build your business! Click here if you’d like to connect.


The Mystical Playing Field

44091826_2117917165136094_9024515879978663936_n copy.jpg

I can barely sit still to watch the Bengals football game.
Why — not because of the game itself but because as I am setting here with so much content downloading in my mind right now! 
Why— because I set my intention during the new moon to be open to receive what’s next for my life and how I will be showing up to support, mentor, and teach others on their journey to love, joy, happiness, along with abundance, prosperity, and bliss —and it is coming fast and furiously with ideas, opportunity, and a solid plan. 
Yes! All of this is what I’ve created and continue to create in my life based on my passion for life, living with purpose, and setting intentions that meet my desires. So of course I want to mentor, coach, and teach others this magical formula for living beyond their current mindset, lack of motivation and long desire for change and transformation. 

I’ll leave you with this —Life is just grand and I am always in gratitude to be apart of this mystical playing field. If I can help you reach out. 
Happy Sunday. 💐

Psst — Can you feel the energy? Is this how you feel about your life? 🤔

Off to Boston!


🎶 I’m leaving on a jet plane ✈️ to Boston!! 

I just had to share this information with you. Recently I had set the intention that I would be traveling and being able to share my message with others. In addition I was looking at my branding for my upcoming launch for my speaking and workshop programs and wanted to have some professional photos taken. 

Well as the universe would have it, and out of the blue, I am invited to a very special, interment women’s mastermind collaborative being held in Boston this weekend. 

In addition the bonus part of going is a a professional photoshoot including hair and makeup. 

Thank You Universe for rising up to meet me.

When you find yourself in a place of the higher vibration, and believing and trusting in the process, you are able to manifest. 

When I learned about the law of attraction and manifestation many years ago at first I was a skeptic. But then I soon realized that I actually have been manifesting all of my life. 

Anytime I desired something at the heart space level it was something that I could create in my own reality.

From selling the stationary at the age of 10 years old to get my products for free, to going back to School at the age of 30 to earn my teaching degree, to owning and operating two golf courses, to discovering my passion for helping others to go from stuck to unstoppable.

This weekend is going to include a lot of up leveling not only for myself, and for what I will be offering in my services as we move through the remaining part of 2018 and get ready for the big expansion year in 2019.

So I’m curious what would you like to learn? What would you like call in for your life? How would you like to be supported finishing out 2018 and moving into 2019?

This is the work I am passionate about and am honored to be support to individuals as well as groups, and now being called upon for motional speaking engagements. Hell Yes!! 💞

Think about what’s next for you and if you need support let me know. Keep following. Cannot wait to share the outcome of my trip to Boston. Here’s to new beginnings 🥂.

Just Breathe


Take a moment and breathe. Really breathe. We are constantly in a state of mind of what’s next. Thinking how we can make more money, find a better job, be more in love, look a better way, while time keeps accelerating and we find ourselves right where we were months, years, decades prior. 

And why? Is this our life to be stuck in our situation and circumstance trying to make it out to something more? Have we become content with the status quo? What will it take to break free of the stuckness and find the drive to be unstoppable?  

Really. When you pause for that breathe be ready to call in change, new direction, hope so up until now you know what you desire and will start today letting go of the story of the past and start creating the dream life you’ve always desired. 

And if you’re not sure how to do this — I’m here for you! My passion and purpose is supporting others in their way to transformation. Let connect.

Redesign Your Reality

Self Talk — the most powerful tool in the game of life. How are you choosing to speak to and about yourself? 

Pay attention. You might be surprised of the negative words and thoughts you speak about yourself that are creating more of what you don’t want. 

....I’m saying this because I just had an ah-ha in how much my self talk has been negative! 

More about this on Tune Up Thursday when we talk about this reality.


Embracing the Unknown


“If you don’t fear the unknown, the unknown will be kind to you!”

How often do you find yourself paralyzed in fear?

When does the unknowingness take hold and keep you stuck where you are?

How has fear been running your life?

I see this a lot with others and in myself —The fear of the unknown. 

On my journey, fear was presented early on in my childhood. As children we do tend to fear things based on what we are taught. And until we can determine otherwise, we hold onto that fear belief until we discover and understanding why we are fearful in the first place. 

When we can understand we have a choice whether to hold onto the fear of the unknown, or just let it go, we create a powerful belief of not having to live in fear because we can trust the unknown will be kind. 

I can remember as a young child and into my early teenage years I was petrified of thunderstorms to the point where I would have to go into my sisters room and sleep or just be paralyzed in fear, going in the corner of a room and crying waiting for the storm to pass.

What caused me to have fear around the storms? 

I’m not exactly certain but I believe it’s what I perceived about the thunderstorms and the noise they made believing the earth was “blowing up”. 

So in time, I released that fear knowing that I had no control over the thunderstorms. That nothing bad was going to happen to me and that it was just noise. 

As I begin to release that fear, I was able to start hearing the musical part of the thunderstorm, along with the brilliant light show it would display, and then the sound of the rain drops, whether they be small or large, as they dropped upon the the windowsill I feel peace. 

And so from that place of fear, and letting go, there’s a shift that occurs allowing you to take hold and understand that fear is simply a choice.

As you move forward in your life think of those things that cause you fear stay curious to how they’re keeping you stuck in your current situation or circumstance. And just ask yourself what if I no longer feared the unknown?

From there fully embrace the unknown, not in fear, but with hope, and letting it be kind to you.

Finding a Mentor


Looking for the answers? Wanting to learn how to navigate your current situation or circumstances? Desiring to have, be and do all that your heart longs for? 

You can —and you will — if you choose to. 

Hi, I’m Melissa. A women who found her way in life using her own DRIVE. Learning this valuable techniques and sharing it with others, I discovered my experiences in life that were much challenging, game chaining, and hard were no different then what others were experiencing. 

After working with a coach/mentor I discovered ways to bounce back, find new ways, and live my life my way. Calling in the joy during my set backs and happiness from the stumbling blocks. Overcoming the fear, shame, doubt and sadness to love, gratitude, joy and happiness. 

Several years ago, I began sharing and coaching others on using techniques that unlock what keeps us stuck. Teaching and mentoring has always been my passion in life and now I am able to change perspectives, open hearts, and support others to live from a place of joy and happiness. 

Are you ready to start your journey —to let go of what holds you back and find your own DRIVE to go from stuck to unstoppable?

I think you are! Seeing and reading this message is your sign! It’s time my friend. Your life is your gift. Let me support you in making it shine 💫

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

It’s Wednesday and I must say it’s another amazing day to be alive! My journey over the past 20 months has had a host of ups, downs, losses and battle scars AND yet I’m still going —growing and expanding from my life lessons and being able to support and coach others along their journey. I’ve connected with people who challenge me, support me, and love me unconditionally. 

This message below was posted by a client who just signed on with me for a six-month coaching package. She said she posted this before she reached out to me! This client is someone I’ve known for several years and now we will be working together. As the saying goes when the student is ready the teacher appears. She was ready! And I appeared. 😊

Are you ready? When you read the passage below do you want that for your life? Are you wanting to find the magic in life that has seemed to vanished? Are you ready to go from “stuck to unstoppable”? Then let’s connect. I have just what your heart desires and am ready to be of service. 

Have an amazing day 💞