"If only there was a way to flip a switch THEN I could be, do, and have ALL that my heart desires..."


  • You’ve lost motivation, self-esteem and discipline for no apparent reason when you once excelled in making things happen.

  • You often find you are blocked about money, health, business, and relationships when you use to be so good at making decisions.

  • Your mind is often unclear on what's next when you once knew clearly what to do.

  • You are playing full out with your family and career but not feeling like it’s enough. Something is missing.

  • You are endlessly saying” if only there were more money, time, opportunities” then….

STOP! Spoiler Alert. 

You are still you!

You've just misplaced a piece of the PUZZLE that once kept you on point and thriving!


What if you could go within and see what keeps you stuck in telling that same ole’ story over and over again AND find the missing piece? 

Would you say YES?

Now You Can!

?? Do you feel like you are struggling to figure out what it is you want? 
?? Are you finding you want more for yourself and yet you have no idea what that might be? 
?? Do you feel if you could be dipped into a pool of water and pulled back out, releasing all the gunk and stuckness, you'd know more and have clarity of what to do?

Here's your sign --> ACTIVATION -- several years ago I discovered a gift of mine in that I can support others in bringing them back in alignment with their souls purpose and found their passion, getting the from stuck to unstoppable.

Does this sound like something you desire?

Then you are ready and cannot lose by investing in 1-hour of your time to have an experience like never before.

Being supported and guided during this offer is how you'll find your way back to what lights you up, gives you direction, and shows you the next steps to take to move from stuck to unstoppable.



A 60-minute deep dive into your story to discover what really excites you, and allows you to return to living from a place where your dreams and desires reside.  

You will identify the block and reconnect with your heart and begin living again from a place of confidence, excitement, joy and fulfillment. 

Together we find the answer in our session that will put you back on track and living and playing life full out!



Hi! I’m Melissa and I’ve been on this same path as you! I have worked many years changing my story and creating a life that I truly love. 

From releasing a lifelong addiction to alcohol, smoking, over-eating and spending money, to changing my understanding about my thoughts when it comes to creating my future.

I felt safe knowing I had these stories that kept me right where I was in the moment – paralyzed and uncertain.

As a successful business woman who went from being a corporate employee, to earning my degree in my 30s, and buying/selling golf courses in my 40s, I thought I had it all.,

I had passion, desire, and creativity and getting me those gold stars and check marks to prove my success. 

Then about five years ago I had this deep realization that even though I had accomplished a lot in my life I was not fulfilled and that something was missing.

I decided to go find the answers.

I discovered many self-sabotaging patterns that kept me jumping in and out of my place of joy and fulfillment. .These beliefs are often running in the background and unconsciously controlling our thoughts, actions, and choices. And, they may have been there since you were a child!  

 I knew it was time for change. That’s when I discovered my gift of being able to pull back the curtain and see what it’s not wanting to be seen. And from that moment I offered others a 1:1 personal activation and discovered my theory was right! What I discovered for myself, others too found what they needed to revive them from being stuck, unhappy, lost, and wanting MORE!

Together we find the answer in our session that will put you back on track and living and playing life full out!

 Activation leads to enlightenment

I discovered in working with my clients it goes much deeper.  There is something deep down that keeps you right where you are….in your stories. Like blinders that don't allow you to see past what's in front of you.

Imagine if you could dive into these stories and uncover those hidden pieces you need in order to understand fully where you are blocked, crack open the treasure and start living life to the fullest and have the abundance you truly desire ~ breaking the cycle once and for all.

Through several experimentation with many of my clients and seeing the life changing breakthroughs they were experiencing based on theses activations I have now been called to offer it to a greater audience. Here are just a few of the outcomes the activation will offer:

  • You will feel as though a fog has lifted and you are thinking more clearly and have a vision of what is next

  • You will suddenly feel the answers coming from a place of trust and excitement.

  • You will rekindle your relationship with yourself ~ mind, body, and spirit.

  • You will have more clarity and understating to how powerful your thoughts are and how easily you control them.

  • You will open up all areas that you felt blocked and uncertain about.

  • You will be more open to receive abundance!

What Are You Waiting for…

Let’s Get You ACTIVATED?

Here's what you'll receive:

  • 60 minute Activation Call via Zoom and recorded

  • the perfect mantra for guidance that releases the old patterns to create new beliefs

  • a plan on what steps to take moving forward and stepping fully into your life’s passion and purpose

  • a 15 minute check in at day 10

It all begins with saying YES to you.

Are You Ready? Let's Do This!

Only $99

Here’s what others are saying about the activation:

Michelle ~ Melissa has been a blessing to me. We started working together about a year ago and I had a lot of work to get to a point where I can start to make a shift. We did the Activation Program two weeks ago and it was an absolutely amazing experience. No more same stories, noticed I can love myself and it is okay! A total shift that has brought me to a better place energetically and spiritually. I am looking forward to the continuing growth and work that Melissa is coaching me through! Thank you!

Bea ~ Melissa Kirkpatrick, you are a star! Thank you sooo sooo much for this wonderful experience of today's activation. It was just incredible! I'm still totally overwhelmed. Go for it ladies, this woman is BRILLIANT!

Alla ~ OMG. Ladies... Melissa is the queen of Activations. We did an initiation and the process was so immensely powerful! She is a brilliant coach, being so detailed and deep with her laser questions, paying immense attention to every word and every blink of my eyes and my yawns. I felt soooo held and taken care of and seen. I had some thoughts about what I wanted from this experience, and she took it to a whole new depth. We dug deep into my most intense block about receiving money and receiving the care that I so deserve as a queen. She guided me masterfully through my resistance and talked with my ego and made it calm down and allow me to feel free, powerful and worthy. Such a magical experience.

Shaina ~I had an activation with Melissa Kirkpatrick!! It was fan-freaking-tastic!! It was like a coaching session, helping me get clarity on what I did and didn't want in my biz. Also, she helped me realize how much mindset work I've done in the past year, what fears I've been able to shed and let go of! It was beautiful! Full of love, and attention! Just wonderful!

Everyone has a story…..and deserves to be supported on their journey!