Every one has a story that changes their life forever.  Here’s mine:

My life seems to be slipping out of control with struggles in business and life, and mainly in my health. 

I felt frustrated to stay focused and on track with my life and career and was finding myself being more often derailed than on track. 

My addiction to food (up and down in size) and large consumption of alcohol along with smoking, all became increasingly out of control.  My need to go unconscious and numb out had become the normal. 

From the outside looking in, it would appear that I was truly living a fulfilled life, until the moment when I was called out on my character and integrity. 

I was verbally knocked off my higher ground and no longer standing in my power. Thinking no one really knew how messy things were up until that moment, fear and doubt abruptly entered my life and not only around being out of control but to also potentially losing everything ….including my life. 

Being the girl who set goals, achieved them with the “check marks and gold stars”, suddenly found myself paralyzed and realizing my endless cycle of over eating, drinking, smoking, and doing the bare minimum to get by in my career and my life.  Going numb and unconscious was my best support system.  

My hiding out with my thoughts and emotions for almost a year, processing and wondering how I got here, I arrived at my turning point.  I’m responsible for my life – I have to save myself – no one is going to do that for me.  The time was now to go inward and do the work at what I call the “cellular level” of the body, mind, and spirit. 

What I knew to be true for me was my desire to be a healthy, vibrant, powerful woman without all the excuses and coverups. 

From that belief, I received a spark, a glimmer of something new, evidence I was on my healing path with the announcement of our first grandchild on its way.  In that moment I knew my life wasn’t just about “Melissa”, but about others too - my family, my sons, and now a grandchild. 

Message received: my life is not just who I am being but who I am being for others.  From that awakening everything was set in motion and I was ready to pull myself out of the chaos and focus on healing myself in a new way that was more intuitive, more spiritual, and more loving.

I let go of the addictions giving up alcohol, smoking, and overeating to nourishing myself with love and kindness that healed my body, mind, and spirit.  Proof that I was committed to the work is evident in my outer transformation that happened naturally!  Our granddaughter is now turning four and I am celebrating along with her in my journey to enlightenment and supporting others on their journey.

My Take-Away

Transformation isn’t about the outer appearance.  Let that go.  Transformation comes from within and who you become in the process.  Every cell in your body, when supported with love, brings to life an amazing person who can stand in her power of love, light, and service for herself and to others.  The outer appearance will morph naturally to that which you give attention; it starts on the inside, at the cellular level of mind, body, and spirit.