Find Your Own D.R.I.V.E.

- 30 Day Mentorship -

Transformation isn’t about the surface -- your appearance, titles, job, etc. Let that go.

Transformation is about what comes from within, and who you become in that process.  Every cell in your body, when supported with love, brings to life an amazing and fulfilled person.

If you are looking to take back those dreams, desires, and aspirations you once believed were possible,

I want to help you get there

What I know for sure it starts by being shown how to unraveling the inner chatter and chaos.  

I will support you!

I’ve been on the training ground in my own life trying to overcome all these circumstances (diet, debt, unhappiness) and NOW I take on each day with a brighter, confident attitude, while being more fulfilled, prosperous and joyful knowing....

I Found my DRIVE - Let's Find Yours!

Beginnings are usually scary, but you will be held and supported throughout the 90 day program

What's Included?

  • ONE ON ONE COACHING: Four 45 minute weekly sessions via phone/zoom.
  • EMAIL SUPPORT: Struggling? I'm here, in your corner, just an email away.
  • DRIVE PATH: An intutive play which lays out your DRIVE Path to move quickly in the first 30 days.
  • TOOLS AND RESOURCES: Hand picked content and information sent your way regularly to further support your transformation.

Want to know more? Then let's connect and discover how my offering will support you.

Take time to have the conversation and gain clarity and guidance.  You are Worth It! <3 

Client Testimonials

"Finding Melissa has shifted so much in my current life circumstances. I’m so grateful to be a part of her presence and having the amazing support that she offer. My future is bright and joyful."~Irene

"I was skeptical about reaching out to Melissa but something kept saying call her. So I signed up for the free discovery session and from the moment we connected on the phone I could feel such a life in my spirit that I didn’t expect. I knew that our work together was going to be something pretty special. And I would say it goes way beyond my expectations."~Kim

"I’ve heard about life coaching and when I saw Melissa offering her gift to be a mentor and coach I wanted to learn more. I didn’t realize that within the first 20 minutes of our call I would feel, see, and believe a change in me. Why hadn’t I found support like this years ago? Because I wouldn’t have been ready, but now I am and have a mentor that is truly gifted in her offering to support others."~Theresa

"My derailed life was becoming a downward spiral and wasn’t feeling any love for myself and it was evident in my actions, surroundings, and appearance. After finding Melissa I was able to move through some blocks that I had no idea where causing all the outer “stuff” to show up. I was done with the drama of my “mind” and ready to step out and be me without all the stories I’d carried for so long." ~Anna

"This coaching was just what I needed as I was struggling with some relationships and scenarios in my life. I felt stuck and wasn’t sure how to cope with my emotions best. My first session was so impactful helping me unravel and dissect what was really underneath the surface, I couldn’t wait for the next discovery. It is a safe environment that inspires me to be more than I was the week before. The coaching builds at my speed and helps me to put in perspective what is going on around me. I am getting better at standing in my power and coping with my emotions. I felt I was a strong confident professional however this is taking me to the next level. I can’t wait each week for my personal life coaching!" ~Dan

"I found Melissa on Facebook seeing a picture of her transformation. I wanted to know how she made such a change in her outer appearance. Surprisingly I discovered it was the inner work that created the outer look. I signed on to work with her and within just a few weeks I had changed jobs, lost 10 pounds, and have a clear vision of my path moving forward. I’m happy she is offering her gifts as a mentor and coach because I am worth having this support." ~Michele

"The Own Your Own DRIVE eBook has been a game changer for me. I got my free copy and loved the simplicity of finding my own desires. I took advantage of the 2-hour blueprint call around the steps and it was mind-blowing in that now I’m creating and doing things I have resisted for so many years. I believe that I’m truly living my dreams now and having Melissa to support me weekly is such a gift in its self."~Mary

"After struggling for years trying to live a happy, stress free life where I was able to love myself and never succeeding I reached out to Melissa as my mentor and life coach. Since our first conversation I have changed my thought process and have learned how to truly love myself. My daily stressors seem to have vanished into thin air and I'm able to laugh and smile more than before. I was able to turn my thinking into positive thoughts and I'm now excited for each new day. I believe without Melissa's help I would not be making all these wonderful changes in my life." ~Carie